Friday, February 19, 2010

Chapter 1 - FRIENDS

My parents came to Planet 663-457 when I was twelve and we moved into a house built especially for us about a quarter mile from the edge of the village. The house had to be specially built because the natives are roughly twice the size of us. They weren't twice as tall, just really big; living in one if their homes would be just weird.

We came here because my parents are scientists and so they could study the local people and their society like you might study an interesting bug under a microscope; another reason our house was a quarter mile from the village. The things they learned were the topic of conversation every evening over the supper table. You'd think I might have learned something, but it was all very boring and I thought the whole thing was rather rude. Of course, everything is either boring or rude at twelve, I guess.

I thought life at the village wasn't all that much different from anywhere else in the empire. Aside from the fact that it was a small country village rather than a city, and the fact that there was no electricity, the people ate three meals a day, the men wore pants and the women wore dresses. There was a fair assortment of shops. Men tended either crops or some sort of stock if not both. Women learned to spin, weave and make all their own clothes as well as cook and preserve all their food. The biggest difference was that there was nothing like a local school, so I did my schooling at home, but as soon as I got my lessons done, I could go out and hang with my friends.

There were four of us. The other three were locals and they were all taller than I was by at least a foot and a half, but we were best friends so the size difference wasn't so noticeable to us.

We met shortly after I moved here. They had ganged up on me because I was so small, but after I broke Brom's nose and one of Carm's fingers, and then kicked Lagge in the family jewels, as soon as they could, they started laughing. Tears were streaming down Brom's face and Carm was doing a little dance while wringing his broken hand, but they were still laughing. I was so surprised I forgot to run. Lagge pulled himself to his feet and leaned on my shoulder, then we all made our way to the old healer woman so she could set Carm's finger and Brom's nose.

Every day after that, as soon as one of us finished our chores (I had to finish my lessons), we'd seek out one of the others and help until the four of us were free of our daily responsibilities. At suppertime, the four of us could be found at any one of their houses. They came to my house too, but my place made them feel uncomfortable. We had electricity and mom cooked on a gas stove, but the biggest thing was that the house was just so small to them.

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