Friday, March 12, 2010


It was early afternoon when we spotted the first signs of the village. It was summer and the baker must have been hard at work baking his breads. A single stream of white smoke was rising high up into the calm air. If it had been winter or later in the evening, there would have been dozens of lines of smoke there, but since it was summer and still early, the bakery was about the only fire going in the town. The blacksmith’s fire was always going too, but his fire was so hot that you seldom saw any smoke rising from it.

We were so close. We would be there in a few hours at this pace. I was starving again. I thought of one of my mother’s sandwiches, one of the nice big fat ones, and did like I did with the apple earlier. The sandwich was a success – I remember seeing it clearly in my hand – but my staying on my feet wasn’t.

Lagge slapped me awake some while time and pulled me to sit up. I remember Brom coming over to hold me up while Lagge spooned the stew into my mouth. I could barely focus on him. Hell, I could barely keep my eyes open. Obviously, sandwiches were harder than apples.

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