Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chapter 9 - LEAVING

Just as I suspected, mother booked us three positions on the next boost off this planet. It was a testament to how anxious she was to get away from here that she accepted a destination in an asteroid field two weeks away instead of searching for a more choice planet-fall. She requested a car to come get us and then ran around the house packing our belongings while father called their boss and arranged for a replacement. I overheard him saying that he’d forward a detailed report as soon as we were safely off the surface.
The car came for us at about three o’clock in the morning so I didn’t get the opportunity to see my friends one last time. Mom told me I could send my farewells back as soon as a replacement had moved in here who could take the call.
On board the ship, we were introduced to our cryo-pods and made comfortable inside. Since this was a PTS (Planet to Space) boost, we would be put in cryo-sleep until we had reached speed and then we would be shown to a stateroom. This was so that the company could save money on fuel. They could reach speed much faster if their live cargo was frozen solid during the brutal thrust.
Everything was in such a whirl that I forgot all about magic; that is, I forgot until things started to go horribly wrong and then it was far too late to think about it. I began to suspect something wasn’t quite right when I heard the engines fire up somewhere far below me. I looked over at my dad’s pod and saw his profile lying there quietly with his eyes closed. On the other side of me, my mom’s profile was the same. I couldn’t see anyone else though I knew that the rest of the crew was in here too; I had watched them all file in. I guess the pilot would sleep in her chair.
Within seconds, I knew I was in a lot of trouble and within only a few seconds more, I was sure I was dead.

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