Friday, April 23, 2010


After we landed, I was waiting around while my parents claimed our luggage. While watching the wide assortment of crates, boxes and bags coming off the ship, I noticed a large box that took two men to handle even in this light gravity. I turned to a crewman who was also waiting for his bags. “What’s in that big box? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a box that big before.”

The man turned to me; I think he was a cook. “Oh, didn’t anyone ever tell you; I suppose not. There was a murder on board. It happened about four days into our trip. The doctor found him dead right beside your bed. I hear it was a real ugly deal, but no one knows for sure. The whole crew has been interviewed at least twice; it’s very hard to do something and keep it a secret from everyone else on a ship this small, but they didn’t turn up anything. They grounded us for a full investigation though. The body is in that box. I hear they’re going to do a full autopsy since they can’t seem to figure out what killed him. They won’t let anyone see the body either and the doc isn’t talking.”

I barely heard everything he said. In fact, if I hadn’t had four limbs firmly propping me up, I’d have had to sit down somewhere. A memory came back to me; it was a pain-filled memory of when I first woke up. I was so incredibly hungry and some idiot had refused to get me anything to eat. I remember getting a hold on him. What did I do? What did I do to him? I killed him. I did something to him and he died. Of course, my condition had removed me from suspicion.

My parents took me to the infirmary first thing after we checked into our hotel. The ship’s doctor had referred me to a doctor for the duration of my stay here.

After that, there was little for me to do except eat and sleep, which was great to a point, but soon even that got boring so I went for a walk. I was still thinking about the things I had learned on the ship and about the things that Durmas had told me. It was all very, very frightening.

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