Friday, July 16, 2010


Tsan took me to a grassy clearing where my friends were waiting. Brom handed me my sword belt. Feeling lethargic and dull, I did my best, and I think Tsan was taking it easy on me after having watched a good deal of what I had just gone through.

He divided himself into four and paired off with each of us, teaching us each the beginning moves and stands that would become the foundation of our skill with a sword.

My friends could only learn to be skilled with a blade. I needed to learn how to use my magic along with my sword, making my sword do such things as flame or freeze, and even shoot one or the other a short distance. I was pleased to learn that my magic was functioning just fine, which was probably the reason for the lesson rather than taking me back to my room and me sleeping for the next forever.

Finally, it was lunchtime and Tsan took us back to our chamber. I sank down at the table along with my friends who did so with an assortment of groans and complaints about the morning’s lessons. Then they were looking at me expectantly.

I groaned. “Yes. All right. Lunch.” I made a large platter and loaded it with meats, cheeses and fruits, then I made them all cups of water as well as a large pitcher filled with it. I started to lay my head down on the table, but Lagge pulled me up again. “Eat first,” he said. That was his part in our fledgling team.

I ate, and if I slacked, Lagge filled the gap by feeding me my next bite. He wouldn’t let me stop until the platter was empty and the last drop of water had been tipped down someone’s throat. I did lay my head down on the table after that and no one was going to stop me from falling asleep, even if only for a few minutes.

I slept through them pulling my leathers off and putting the wool nightshirt on me. I even slept through them putting me to bed. I startled awake when I heard the clash of swords coming from the other room. I listened for a few minutes and knew that their lesson had continued without me. I barely had the energy to roll over on my way back to sleep.

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