Friday, August 27, 2010


Pip booked us another trip, this time in my name, mirroring my parent’s flight. It would be a week before that flight came through though.

This time we would attempt to set a trap with me as the bait. We went to Braxton’s shop and borrowed a back room to change.

When we came out, my hair was red again and slicked back and my beard was gone. Also, I was wearing a white silk shirt and black satin pants with knee high, patent leather boots. I made my cape out of silk lined velvet. I felt like a dandy though I kept my sword. I had never dressed like this; neither did my parents, though they had the money for it. I changed what Pip wore too. He would be a servant hired to watch over me in the absence of my parents since I was still under age.

Braxton laughed when he saw us come out of the back room. He had never seen Pip all fancied up.

Now I had to attract some attention and we had a week to do it. I booked a room at the hotel, but spent almost no time there. I subjected myself to an elaborate tattoo of a dragon, much like the one on my sword, on my right hand that extended up my arm. The head of the dragon rested on the back of my hand, the body rested on my forearm with the legs wrapping around it and the tail coiled up around my upper arm almost to my shoulder. I had them color it a silvery blue. Why not? If I was going to do something like that, I might as well make it mean something. Braxton liked it, though he couldn’t imagine why I’d want to make it blue. I didn’t bother to tell him.

It wasn’t long before we attracted some attention. A flashy rich kid walking around the seedy part of town will do that. Twice someone tried to relieve me of my credit chip but that wasn’t much of a problem. What was interesting to us was the fact that we had acquired a tail. He was a good tail too. Neither one of us would have noticed him if it weren’t for my magic and Oscan’s training, which allowed me to keep a casual awareness of my surroundings that was far wider than eyes or ears alone.

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