Friday, January 7, 2011

Chapter 50 - UNDER GUARD

A servant waited at my side until my farewells were completed, and then, with a light hand on my elbow, he escorted me to my apartment. Colin was taken in another direction, but I found out later that he wasn’t all that far away from me, they just took him by an entirely different route.

After the servant had shown me to my apartment, he said, “You are to remain in this room until you are summoned. Your personal effects will arrive tomorrow.”

My things did arrive about midmorning . . . , then my lunch arrived . . . , and then my dinner arrived. Well, I didn’t really think the emperor would have very much time to spend on me, but I figured I’d hear from someone.

The next day a man came and installed a telephone. He then left me with instructions on how to use it. He was my only visitor.

The next day I combed through the television stations and found a couple marginally interesting shows, but I was getting restless and bored. I followed Pip’s advice one more time; it worked once - why not. I called the house operator and asked her if there was some place where I could go to practice with my sword. She sounded surprised that I had been permitted to keep it, but said that she would have to make inquiries into what I was permitted to do.

I decided I would try my rain dance here. I figured I’d try to control my water better and not let it get everything wet, and if something did get wet, then I figured that I could just draw it back out of the material and send it down the drain. I pushed all the furniture to the sides of the room and danced. It felt so good to do this, and the extra flex required to control the water only added a new dimension to the whole thing.

A couple hours later, I decided it was time to quit, so I slowed down the dance, but held the water until I could direct it into the bathtub. Once that was done, I checked the room; not a drop had escaped. I was rather pleased with myself. I shucked my clothes and climbed into bed; it must be midnight by now and I was pleasantly tired for the first time in days.

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