Friday, February 25, 2011

Chapter 57 - THE PROPOSAL

A few weeks later, the emperor called me on the phone. “Captain Haines tells me he thinks you may be one of my most loyal citizens. Is this so?”

“Ah . . . . I’d certainly like to think so. You have always treated me fairly and you were good to my parents. Why?”

“I’m going to send the captain over directly. He’ll explain everything.” He hung up without customary civilities and I was left hanging with more than my share of curiosity.

When Haines arrived an hour later, he took me out into the courtyard to talk. “As I’m sure you must know, the emperor, being who and what he is, his life is in constant danger from assassination. Of all the people close to him, I think he honestly likes you. You have always been plainly honest and forthcoming in answering all of his questions, and you speak to him as if he was just another man, although not without respect. He seems to like that, from you anyway. At any rate, he wants you to take a position as his personal guard. Your assignments will be so that you will be at his elbow, or close to him, all the time, and you will use your magic to protect him. Can you handle that kind of thing?”

“I can, but you, and he, should know that after I expend a great deal of magic, I must rest - eat and rest. I think I can guard him like you ask, but this is a weakness of mine you both should know about.”

“Are you saying that this could take you out at some critical moment?”

“I don’t believe so. To date, I’ve always been able to deal with a situation until it was over and I could leave it. That’s when I shut down. Sometimes I’m only real hungry and a night’s sleep will do; other times, I’ll crash for days and someone must wake me and make me eat, but that’s only if I use a whole lot of magic. What is it I’m expected to do with my magic?”

“All right then, I’ll be sure and explain that to the emperor; what you’ll be expected to do is run interference between the emperor and his environment, be it people, items or food, whatever he comes in contact with. The attempts on his life have intensified lately and they have been getting very close. We think the person behind it all may be someone close to the emperor, but we can’t figure out who it may be. Perhaps you can help us with this mystery.”

How can one possibly say not to one's emperor? “When do we start?”

“I knew you would accept. I brought your uniform with me. You can start immediately. The highest rank I can start you with is sergeant; anything lower than that and you wouldn’t be that close to the emperor.”


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a cool idea, a blog novel! I like this chapter, very interesting. At the end of it all you, will you repackage it as an ebook or will you try to get it published?

Anna L. Walls said...

Glad you like it Sweepy. I haven't really decided what to do when it's finished but I can publish this through blogger and produce a real book, so it's likely I'll go that route.

Unknown said...

Enjoying your story Anna, I read somewhere about turning your blog into a book...

RoyalNirupam said...

ANNA,a very good story is in the making keep it up.BTW I trying one in my blog 'story of an unknown Indian'i will be glad if you find time to have a look in to it.

Anna L. Walls said...

Thanks, guys, for stopping by; I glad you like it.

Debbie - yes, blogger has an app that allows me to publish a blog so guess what will happen to this one when it's done.

I'll check yours out, Royal. Thanks.