Saturday, March 26, 2011


Thanks to my magic, I was able to do as Haines asked the next afternoon. The doctor told me to remain as quiet as I could and he kept my arm in a sling because my shoulder was still tender, but my chest was clear so he let me go on light duty. He also said I wasn’t to eat anything hard or crunchy yet, but at the rate I was recovering, I could probably eat anything I wanted by the next evening or the morning after.

The interrogation room was barely big enough for the small table and the four of us. Brian was there with us today. Creg had died instantly from a four-inch nail in his temple.

Haines had questioned this man every day since he was taken into custody and sometimes more than once during a day. The man looked tired, so they were probably pressuring him in other ways too, though he didn’t look abused. As per my briefing before this meeting, Haines began the questioning much the same as all the other times, and still the man had yet to say a word; I was to do some sort of intimidating after a few minutes.

On impulse, I stepped forward and rested a hand on the man’s neck. He jumped and tried to flinch away, but I let him feel my magic retain him. His fear and confusion was evident and Haines took advantage of this and questioned him harder, but I held up a hand to forestall him for a moment.

My voice was horse and raspy, but I had to tell Haines why he hadn’t said anything. “He can’t talk. He doesn’t have the right nerve endings to make sound. Wait a moment.”

I knew what to do; I knew what he needed. It was probably because of what I had learned about my own injury (who knows when I learned it, certainly not while I was awake), but under my hand, things began to change between this man’s throat and his brain. Just like what Colin used to do, he quickly fell asleep.

I woke him with a shake about a half hour later and he was babbling before he was awake enough to stop himself.

Within a few hours there were several arrests and within the next few days, there were many more. Haines felt confident that the backbone of this group had been broken even though the man named Ronok had yet to be found or even identified.


sulekkha said...

It's shaping up beautifully and I admire you for writing a blog novel.Thanks for sharing.

Anna L. Walls said...

My pleasure, Sulekkha. Glad you like the story. I really do like my readers.