Friday, October 7, 2011

Chapter 89 - COMBAT MAGIC

I headed for the stairs to the next floor at a run. I was mid-leap, reaching for the second step up, when the stairs morphed into some bizarre imitation of what might have been a giant tiger’s head on another planet.

I froze it back into inanimate wood before I crashed into it, but it was now unusable as an access to the upper floor and I didn’t have time to create another staircase.

I whirled in time to find the floor coming alive behind me like an over-long tongue, so I took control of my end of it and used it to smack Marell back into the room I had just left, and then jammed the splintered wood into the door. It would only stop him for a moment, but perhaps it would be long enough for me to regroup and think.

Thanks to the wooden teeth behind me, I now had a long gash down my arm. I hastily pulled my flesh together so I would stop dripping blood everywhere.

I looked up; I had never been inside the inn. I could only assume that the floor above was just like the one here. I hated this. I teleported myself to the floor above, hoping I wouldn’t end up as part of some piece of furniture.

The move doubled me over. I really must learn how to do this with my stomach’s cooperation, but I wasn’t to be allowed much of a chance to recuperate.

Obviously surprised, two people were standing about half way down the hall in front of one of the doors. The woman was tall for a woman, even here, and it looked like she was having some sort of argument with the man who was with her; however, their argument was quickly forgotten as they squared off to face me.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” asked the man who looked like a teenager next to the woman, though he was still a lot bigger than me.

I knew I couldn’t afford to take my eyes off these two, so I did what was hopefully the next best thing. “TSAN! WHERE ARE YOU?”

There must have been some sort of commotion inside the room by where they were standing, because the man darted inside and I distinctly heard a muffled cry.

I wasn’t allowed any further chance to think. The woman hurled a ball of fire at me rapidly followed by a whole chain of others.

I collected them all and sent them back at her in a fine stream. I was tired of being attacked and tried very hard to spear her with her own flames.

She deflected my first attempt, but couldn’t avoid the rope of flame I sent after her like a lariat. It wasn’t long before she was screaming, and that didn’t last very long either. She fell to the floor engulfed in flames.

I didn’t want the place to burn down so I forced the flames to ignore the carpet and wood beneath the body while I faced the man again.

He came charging out of the room at his companion’s first scream and began to hurl spears of ice at me. Water Magic – I could do this too. I collected his ice and turned it into a spiked ball before hurling it back at him.

He successfully dodged it but tripped over the burning body of his companion.

I sucked the air from their piece of the hall, which put the fire out. It also starved him of air to breathe, but he didn’t suffer long. I knew the damage a vacuum could do, and it took no time at all to turn their small piece of hallway into a vacuum for a few seconds.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say -- I love this novel. Keep up the good work.

Anna L. Walls said...

Ooh thanks. I love that kind of feedback.