Friday, December 23, 2011

Chapter 100 - FESTIVAL

The next two days were a blur. There was music and dancing in wild abandon, and a constant parade of food in profusion. Jugs of liquor floated around so thickly you seldom saw anyone without one, and though I have always had a poor opinion of the drink in its many forms, this was different. Needless to say, it contributed greatly to those days being so blurry. I’m sure that if it weren’t for the white clad shadow I had acquired, I would have led Patricia off to somewhere secluded and had my way with her in a most ungentlemanly way.

Instead we danced until we couldn’t feel our feet anymore, then we ate until we couldn’t swallow another bite and drank from the jugs whenever they floated by.

My involvement with the festival came to an end when Oskan (he was very drunk) dared me to do one of my dances using all of the magics – earth, air, fire and water – together, and I was drunk enough to do it.

“Don’t set anything on fire,” said Patricia with a giggle.

“That’s a good idea.” I took a pull at the jug Oskan passed me and then I handed it to her. “I wouldn’t want to set anything on fire.”

I drew my sword and moved to the center of the square while everyone else moved out of my way. I turned slowly on one foot, drawing on the elements I needed. With a lazy sweep of my sword, I brought them into being around me. Balls of flame danced with balls of water, and balls of earth soon joined them. With Air Magic, I created a whirlwind to spin sections of it in complicated whirls. The end result was a simplified version of a galaxy with its many solar systems. The comparison wasn’t what I had intended, but the sight of it reminded me of one of the things Durmas had said on his deathbed. I could have shown him something like this. I could have helped him to understand what was beyond this world so much better.

My thoughts of Durmas caused me to form the elements into a likeness of him to look down over us all with his patient and caring smile, then I knelt to the ground and let the wind blow him away.

The village square was silent. A moment of silence for a great man they had all known and loved for many years.

Next thing I knew someone was rolling me over. “Liam, are you all right?” asked Patricia laughing.

She helped me to sit up and I looked around. Everyone I saw had their head bowed and a hand over their heart and then they slowly began to disburse.

Then I realized that sun was rising; festival was over for another year.

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