Friday, January 20, 2012

Chapter 104 - NEWS

That evening, Brian brought me up to date on all the current events, which included the fact that the emperor had brought his family into the city. That wouldn’t have much of an effect on my duties other then it might complicate things some. Apparently, Connor was not trusted and he had done little to earn any. It made me wonder why he was permitted to stand at the emperor’s shoulder. The situation reminded me of a saying I had heard once. “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” I suppose it was sound advice, but I didn’t like it that the bomb wielding little psycho was standing so close to the emperor every day.

That night my worries about the emperor were overshadowed by more and definitely better news. Patricia was pregnant. I think I went into immediate shock, but she took care of that too. I must have been walking on air when I reported for duty the next morning because the emperor spotted the difference at once. He just chuckled softly at my announcement. I suppose he had his own memories; to bad it hadn’t worked out so well for him. I looked at Connor where he stood. I wished that I could do something to help; a father and his son shouldn’t be so far apart. It’s such a loss. My father and I were never really close, but he was always there and I loved him very much.

I went through the office in my customary fashion and discovered that today Connor had concealed a six inch blade under his jacket. I restrained the emperor from taking his seat. “I must inform you that Connor has a blade. He didn’t have one yesterday,” I said softly in his ear.

When Connor discovered that I had found him out, he flew into a flurry of rage, drew the blade and leapt to attack us before the other guards could lay a hand on him. I must admit, he had very quick reflexes, but I stopped him short and held him a few inches off the floor while he tried to figure out where the rag in his hand came from, as well as how he was being held off the ground.

“Lieutenant, if you are finished with the security check, would you please escort my son to the infirmary; the doctor knows what to do.”

Connor’s inarticulate growls turned to cries of “No, no,” sounding more desperate each time he said it.

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