Friday, February 10, 2012

Chapter 107 - LESSONS

Today was also the day I was ordered to attend classes in swordsmanship with Connor. It was obvious to me that he needed discipline and patience more than he needed to know how to use a sword. It was also obvious to me, and the instructor, a different man then last time, that I didn’t need these lessons, so I was here for a different reason.

It soon became apparent why I was here. I was supposed to help Connor learn the patience and discipline he so badly needed. Why did everyone think I was a teacher?

I found myself imitating Tsan in many of the things he said and did. It made me miss him. The sword master saw what I was doing too and soon the lessons changed. It wasn’t long before he turned the lessons over to me, so I did my level best to turn it into an indoor version of my own lessons.

The first things I did was arrange for the younger members of the royal guard to line up at the beginning of class. Connor’s task that day was to test or question them all until he could pick three he could work with. These men would hopefully mirror my own team, long since left behind. It was my intention that the team would remain together for life, so the lessons progressed accordingly. Only men long trained to the position could put themselves between their emperor and whatever danger might come against him, and a team trained to work together could be far more affective than the average soldier, no matter how well trained he was.

From that day on, the lesson was over when Connor and his team couldn’t lift a sword any more or when they had accomplished the mission of the day. I praised them highly if they could manage the task. Of course, if they failed the mission…well, they failed and I had to be nicer to them than Tsan ever was to me.

Over the next few months, I came home long after dark every night and left the next morning before the sun rose. Patricia’s belly grew, as did my pride in the miracle that was happening before my eyes. She made regular visits to the palace infirmary and I was given the time to be with her during those visits.

Hearing my son’s…correction, my child’s (Patricia was convinced it was a girl) heartbeat for the first time almost brought tears to my eyes. That night, when I got home, I danced a rain dance with her and then made long tender love to her. I almost overslept the next morning.


Unknown said...

Anna - I have not been able to follow your posts of this novel regulary but after reading this chapter I wish I did. You are a master with words and in capturing one's imagination.

Anna L. Walls said...

Thanks Kriti. It's all still here. Check out the archives, or wait until the book comes out. Yes, there will be a real book one day soon.